Clara Sinclair Art


Clara in her Studio

Where it began

I’ve loved art ever since I could pick up a pencil and my Mother would always find me sketching my favourite Disney characters when I was a toddler. This love for drawing soon turned into a love of painting and I knew I wanted to create beautiful art and share it with the world.

Earlier in my career I studied prosthetics whilst starting to get tattooed myself. I soon discovered I had a love for the ornate through my travels and finding new and interesting architecture. I decided to combine both loves together to create my ornate style of tattooing and this style runs through everything I make.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with Star Wars, Xbox and my work has been featured in - amongst other places - Cosmopolitan magazine.

I currently tattoo at a beautiful private studio in Hackney, London and I create my prints from a home studio in East London.

If you’d like to book a tattoo, request a commission or simply ask a question then please fill out the contact form.

Thank you for all of your support whether it’s buying prints, getting tattooed or sharing and liking my work - every bit of support is greatly appreciated.