Clara Sinclair Art


Thank you to everyone who has supported my work over the years. Much love to you!

Cosmopolitain Interview Image

Clara tattooing Gears 5 fans at the Xbox release event.

The event hosted some of London's best tattoo artists tattooing bespoke, culturally inspired designs for Gears fans throughout the day in celebration of the game.

Cosmopolitain Interview Image

Cosmopolitain Interview October 2019

Interview with Clara about how she got started as a tattoo artist.

October 2019 Cover of Cosmopolitan

Front cover

October 2019 Cover of Cosmopolitan.

Star Wars Celebration Europe III

Star Wars Celebration Europe III Winner

First Place Award at Celebration, London - July 15–17, 2016

Inked Magazine

Inked Magazine

Yallzee made a list of his favourite storm trooper tattoos and I was lucky enough to make the cut!


Sunday Times Magazine

A tattoo that I did on the lovely Simon Pegg made it into the Sunday Times Magazine. Its filigree heart with wings.


Tattoo Society Magazine, Issue 51

An article describing the details of how I got my job as a tattoo artist, my love for Star Wars and how I developed my style into what it is today.

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IGN Article

An article by Gav Murphy about his tattoo at Star Wars Celebration. I tattooed an Ewok dressed as Chewbacca for halloween.