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Rebel ll Gold Editon

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Rebellions are built on hope.

Limited edition Rebel Alliance prints.
Every print is unique and is hand printed, hand signed, numbered and has a monogram of authenticity.

Approximately A4 size - May vary due to torn edges.
210 × 297 mm/8.27 × 11.69 inches.
These prints are made from a linoleum block I designed at my home studio without solvents or harsh chemicals. Printed with deep gold linseed oil ink.

Printed onto beautiful black Lokta paper with custom hand torn edges.

Ship to UK and International.

You will receive a tracking number when the print as been sent. Please note I am not responsible for damage / item lost in post as I send everything protected by a sleeve & tracked.
Every print is flat packed, in a thick envelope.
Prints are place in a waterproof sleeve for extra protection for their journey.

Thank you for buying a print and supporting a small business.

Much love & May the force be with you.